You all know that when I like something, I don't hesitate to let you know.

It was suggested to me by our bass player, Mr. Craig "CC" Dickson that the Heil PR 35 is a damn fine vocal mic. Usually when time allows, I'll do some research on a product if it's something I am remotely interested in and I'm always looking for something that will make my voice sound better.

The more I looked into this microphone, the more I wanted to know. After learning of it's terrific 180° rearward rejection, fantastic mid-range frequency response not to mention the endorsements by some pretty high powered performers, I started quoting Will Smith in the movie Independence Day when he said, "I have got to get me one of these!"

The PR 35 comes in 2 models in either black or chrome. The PR 35 and PR 35S. An older version of the PR 35 had a 3-position roll off switch which in my view with all the control you have at a decent board, was about as valuable as tits on a boar. The PR 35S has an On/Off switch and sells for a few bucks more than the standard PR 35. It's been so long since I used a mic with an On/Off switch, I figure it's just something else to break, so I opted to do without the switch.

I ordered my PR 35 from Musician's Friend because they are reputable and have a price matching policy. Typical retail is $274.00, Street is $249.00, I found it for $210.00 at an authorized Heil Sound on line dealer and as I said, Musician's Friend matched the price with free shipping. A quick heads up I also found it for as low as $95.90, and I guarantee you will get everything you're PAYING for if you buy it from one of these unauthorized sites and it won't be a genuine Heil Sound PR 35.

My PR 35 arrived 1 day before a gig on 8/11/2012. I gave it a trial by fire and it performed way beyond expectation. The clarity and depth of my vocals made it sound like I knew what I was doing - Imagine that! The rest of the guys in my band were pretty amazed. We even received comments from the audience about how great the mix was.

I own a bucket full of Shure Microphones and they are certainly ok, and God knows they're durable. I've researched, tried and own some Audio Vox, AKG, Peavey, Neumann, EV, Audix and many others. All are fine microphones, some costing 3 times as much or more, but there is a clear and distinct difference between all of those other mics and the PR 35. If you try it, you'll be saying, "I have got to get me one of these!"

In my very humble opinion, this is the best hand held / on stage vocal microphone for the money you will ever use and quite possibly regardless of price.

For the full poop, go to

Thanks for the Heads Up Craig!

UPDATE: I now have 4 PR 35 microphones that I insist on using for all vocalists in Probable Cause at live performances. Nobody complains, because these are great microphones - Period!

Just The Basics

The PR 35 has been designed for commercial broadcast, recording and live sound reinforcement applications which require a smooth flat response over a wide frequency range. The PR 35 was designed around the acclaimed PR 30 element and incorporates a shock mount to give the best possible results.

The PR 35 achieves its exceptional performance by using a special magnet structure and a large aluminum 1 1/2" low mass voice coil assembly. A carefully wound and placed hum bucking coil allows the PR 35 to be used close to video monitors without unwanted hum or buzz. Special attention has been paid to the phasing plug assembly with equally placed ports that sense audio from behind the source. It then enters them out of phase thus producing a very linear cardioid pattern. This reduces the proximity effect while achieving the extreme articulation across its smooth 40 Hz- 18 kHz frequency response. The new Heil element can be used in extreme high sound pressure levels and is immune to overload conditions. It produces a beautifully smooth audio response without the inconvenience of phantom or outside d.c. powering.

The PR 35 has an internal low frequency filter push button switch which can be accessed by using a small screwdriver or paperclip. With the switch pushed DOWN, the audio rolls off at 80Hz at -6 dB per octave. In the UP position, the filter is removed and the entire wide response of 40 Hz. to 18 kHz is present.

The cardioid pattern offers the greatest rejection of unwanted audio at 180 degrees off axis, which is directly behind the microphone; there is virtually no off-axis coloration.

Supplied with a microphone clip that mounts to any 5/8"- 27 mic thread. It also comes with a leatherette carrying case.

For amateur radio a CC-1 XLR cable is required to interface with a transceiver.

Product Sheet
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