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Greg Dawson
GREG DAWSON – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Portland native and founding member Greg Dawson has been musical all of his life. Piano lessons came to Greg's life before The Beatles, but The Beatles gave Greg the desire to play guitar and play Rock'N'Roll. They also gave Greg's parents leverage to make him practice the piano as getting and playing the guitar was tied to practicing the piano.

Greg had been in several (albeit mostly awful) small bands before leaving elementary school. The bands got better in Junior High and High School.

After High School Greg took some time off from music only playing occasionally or 'sitting in'. He toyed with the prospect of giving it up completely and at one point sold every musical instrument he owned. That didn't last long. Within a couple of years he had twice as much gear as he'd ever had.

In 1987, Greg Dawson began jamming with a couple friends almost every weekend and inadvertently began getting the occasional private party gig. Even though Probable Cause (or the band that would become Probable Cause) wasn't doing much promoting, the gigs became more frequent and eventually they were playing small clubs.

At one point friends Brad Lund, Evan Oulashin and Greg Dawson desided to get serious. Dawson bought a bunch of PA gear and they brought in Bass Connoisseur Matthew MacNaughton. With a little 'Name Storming' Probable Cause was born.

Dawson’s influences are The Beatles, Elvis, Conway Twitty, Roy Orbison, The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, Yes, The Beach Boys, The Eagles, Leo Fender, Les Paul and Bob Heil.

Mr. Ken G. Bratz
KENNY BRATZ - Percussion
Mr. Bratz is native to the Pacific Northwest, however he is not from the Portland area. Kenny Bratz comes from our neighbor to the east. No not the Orient, Idaho. He claims it's a great place to be 'from'.

Kenny has substituted for Probable Cause now and again over the last 10 years or so as well as being the exclusive Photographer of Probable Cause (you can see his handy work at

Kenny has proven to be a real asset to Probable Cause. He has a 'chameleon like' style that lends itself to most any type of music well.

Phil Susan
PHIL SUSAN - Vocals/Electric Bass Guitar
Phil has been plucking that bass since he was ten years old, and he hasn't stopped since. Granted his first choice as a kid was drums, but the folks said, "Not just no, but hell no!"

He picked up a guitar and learned a few chords and the basics. Soon after he picked up a bass and found with it he could see around corners!

When the fifth grade came around Phil was touring other schools with his classmate pals in his very first band, Byrom 5 and Co.

Phil hates talking about himself and wields his scorn upon us for dragging this information out of him. Quote: "For shit's sake I hate talking about myself!"

Phil's early influences growing up were Jimmi Hendrix, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, The Monkees, classic rock by today's standards.

Melinda Carlson
MELINDA CARLSON – Vocals/Keyboard
The daughter of a retired Oregon Symphony musician and PSU music faculty alumnus, Melinda feels like a real rebel playing rock ‘n roll!

She holds a minor in Vocal Performance from Oregon State University, and has played leading roles in musical and theatrical productions.

Melinda also runs a private studio offering piano and voice lessons, and has a long history in software sales & consulting.

More info:

Melinda joined Probable Cause in November 2014

Gary Savage
Gary Savage – Vocals/Lead Guitar

Gary joined Probable Cause in December 2014.

For many years, Gary Savage has enjoyed performing in everything from a one man band to several other multi-person bands around Portland and the Pacific Northwest. In that time he has added well over three hundred songs spanning the best of the last fifty years.

Gary enjoys all styles of music, particularly country, oldies, and blues".

As a live performer, Gary has the freedom to play directly to each audience.

As a long term self employed entertainer, Gary stresses the importance of continuing education in his field and doesn't take it lightly.

Gary is a consummate musician and Probable Cause is glad to have him.

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