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The five member rock act PROBABLE CAUSE was established in 1987 and has been playing great danceable Rock'N'Roll all over the Pacific Northwest ever since.

In over 30 years, Probable Cause has never had a bad review. It is a little baffling to us that at almost every gig, people will come up to us and with great enthusiasm exclaim they didn't expect a performance that incredible or something similar. It is unexpected and humbling but much appreciated.

Our slogan is, "Dance 'til ya Drop" but it's more than a slogan, it's a mission. We purposely gear the majority of our music to be upbeat, recognizable, and definitely danceable. We get to work playing music we love and when we do, people are up dancing and having a great time. It's an ultimate 'win' for everyone.

We're just doing what we love to do the way we feel it should be done.

Notable quotes:

  • "The music was great & I hadn't danced like that in years."
  • "One of the best bands ever to play Mt. Hood Village"
  • "Thanks for the guys rocked!"
  • "The little that I saw of your show was sooo cool!"
  • "You guys ROCK as usual!"
  • "I have never been disappointed at any of your performances"
  • "You guys are the best Rock'N'Roll dance band in the Portland (Oregon) Area"
A Probable Cause performance is both entertaining and at times mesmerizing. The wide variety of music we play along with the level of complexity puts Probable Cause in a class of it's own.

We are a mystery wrapped in an enigma covered with sugary goodness.

Band members include:
Kenny Bratz (Percussion)
Phil Susan (Bass and Vocals)
Melinda Carlson (Keyboards and Vocals)
Gary Savage (Lead Guitar and Vocals)
and founding member Greg Dawson (Vocals and Rhythm Guitar).

Past Members include:
Marvin Slifman
Manuel "Silky" Mayar
Evan Oulashin
Brad Lund
Dana Watson
Mike Smith
Craig Dickson
Craig Jahne
Mark F. McDermott

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